About Schedule-a-Shift

Restaurant staff scheduling made easy

Schedule-a-Shift is an online software solution designed specificallly for scheduling restaurant staff.

Start by setting up your work Stations. Stations represent a place or activity to which an team member is assigned. Locations such as "Kitchen" or "Bar" may be considered a "Station". Equally a Station may be an area of responsibility such as "Busser", "Line Chef". Stations can be color coded for easy visiblity when scheduling.

Record your Team Members and specify how they should be notified of their Schedules. When a Schedule is published, an email notfication is sent to each Team Member with details of their Schedule and a link to view thier Schedule online. Team Members may choose to download their Schedule to PDF for printing.

To create a Schedule, simply "drag and drop" on the Schedule timeline. Select the Team Member for the Shift you are creating and add work instructions, as required. When you're finished, Publish the schedule to notify Team Members.

If you change a previously Published Schedule, you can re-Publish it, to send email notfications to Team Members whose Schedule has changed.

Creating Schedules is made even easier using the "Copy Previous Schedule" functionality.